What We Do

We engage in a number of activities aimed at promoting agriculture in California, particularly in the Santa Maria Valley.  We do that in the following ways:

  • We offer local agricultural students thousands of dollars in scholarships each year.
  • We promote educational programs that help local educators and their students understand the importance of agriculture.
  • We actively engage elected officials to help them better understand the issues facing agriculture and how agriculture contributes to our communities.
  • We present ag to all members of our community to develop and maintain the public's positive view of farmers.


The objective of Santa Maria CWA is to promote an educational program in order to develop the interest of Californians in agriculture and to promote agriculture in California. Further, its purpose is to involve the people of California for the following general purposes: to speak on behalf of agriculture in an intelligent, informative, direct and truthful manner; to keep Santa Maria CWA members informed on legislative and regulatory activities pertaining to agriculture; to join forces when the need arises to deal with agricultural challenges in a specific community; to improve the public image of farmers and to develop rapport among agricultural communities throughout the State.

Become A Member

Take a look at the many projects we undertake from school gardens to state legislative issues.  If you are interested in agriculture, there is surely something for you!