AAW – Women Heroes of STEM

From AAW The Voice – Fall 2018 – Volume 45, Issue 4
Submitted by Lynn Wolf

Bookmark Series Launches: Women Heroes of Science & Technology

American Agri-Women’s new educational initiative, the “Women Heroes of Science and Technology” project, showcases the contributions of women scientists and technologists who are improving agriculture – with the hopes of inspiring young people to pursue careers in these important areas.

The project is launching with a bookmark series and nearly 10 bookmarks are complete or under development.  The bookmarks highlight agricultural STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) careers and, in particular, women in these fields.

The educational materials will have a primary focus for students in middle school and above.  However, the information will also have a wider appeal to reach students of varying ages.

“The project helps showcase women as role models and how they are helping farmers and ranchers produce more food, fiber and fuel using sustainable methods,” says Jean Goslin, AAW Vice President of Education.

The bookmarks highlight the women’s educational path, how they are improving the world through their work, as well as a message to young scientists and technologists.  In addition to the collectable bookmarks, the launch program will also include expanded profiles that will be posted on AAW’s website.

If you would like to recommend a women scientist or technologist to be profiled, please contact Jean Goslin at education@americanagriwomen.org.


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