Chapter Land Use Update

Information submitted by Ann Cochrane Hansen

For our San Luis Obispo County members:
A water export initiative has been prepared that a group of citizens are trying to get on the ballot.  The purpose is to amend Title 8 (governing Health and Sanitation) to provide protection for “long-term viability and sustainability of groundwater within the County of San Luis Obispo.” Click here for full text of the initiative.  It is lengthy, but worth the read if it pertains to you.

Additionally, the state level California Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) is forming a “Predatory Animal Control Committee”.  What does this do for CWA you ask?  Predator management has caused economic losses to livestock owners and property owners.  The California Cattlemen’s Association, California Wool Growers and the California Farm Bureau Federation are all members of the committee.  The committee is in its nascent stages, with CCA reaching out to affected organizations and individuals.  They are taking suggestions for the committee now.


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