Member Ag Story – Barbara Blanchard

I first became interested in agriculture when I joined a local chapter FFA.  I raised hogs for the Santa Barbara County Fair and was on the vegetable crop judging team.  A few years later, I started working for a big bank in the agricultural special assets department.  Special assets is when a farmer runs into some financial problems and their loans need a little special attention.  During that time, I was fortunate enough to work remotely and farmed with my partner in Tennessee.  We farmed 8,000 conventional acres, and double crop farmed corn, soy beans, canola, winter wheat, and tobacco.  After 5 years in ag special assets, I moved over to ag production.  It is so much more fun lending farmers money than taking it!  In 2016, I had the ability to come home to the Central Coast and work in the capacity as an agriculture loan underwriter.  After that I transitions into ag and commercial lending.  And that is my ag story!

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