How You Can Help

We have different membership levels depending on how involved you want to be.
Our membership is good for the calendar year (January through December).  Renewal membership applications are due in or preferably before January.

Our Approach


Active members are expected to attend general membership meetings and participate in volunteer opportunities. ($50)

Our Story


Corporate/Non-profit Donor members includes membership for one person who represents the organization.  Supporters who do not wish to actively participate in volunteer opportunities can still support our mission by becoming a Donor member. ($100)


Student memberships are available for students under the age of 24, attending school full-time. ($25)

Optional American Agri-Women Membership
AAW is the nation's largest coalition of farm, ranch, and agribusiness women, with more than 50 state, commodity, and agribusiness affiliate organizations throughout the country.  AAW members have been advocating for agriculture since 1974.  We encourage you to become involved! ($30)
Upon approval and ratification of your membership application by the Executive Committee, all new members will be provided with a new member packet which shall include, but not be limited to: Chapter By-Laws and Standard Operating Procedures, Membership List, and Calendar of Events.
Complete our membership application here.