SMV Strawberries

In 2017, Statewide strawberry shipments hit a record 206 million trays, up from 197 million the year prior. Santa Maria Valley also saw an increase in shipments from 60.8 million in 2016 to 66.7 million last year.

As reported by the California Strawberry Commission, projected 2018 acreage for Santa Maria Valley is down about 1,000 acres from 2017 and nearly 600 acres from 2016.  Santa Maria accounted for about 30% of California’s fall planted acreage in 2017 for winter, spring and summer production. Statewide fall planted acreage for winter, spring and summer production was also down 6.5% from 2017.  Summer planted acreage for fall production in Santa Maria was down 18% from 2017. Santa Maria accounts for 46.5% of the state’s summer planted acreage fall production, down from 51% last year.

Locally, strawberries are the top grossing and top export commodity.  In 2016, Santa Barbara County grossed nearly $414 million!

Fun Fact: People eat on average 3.5 pounds of fresh strawberries each year!



For more information on California and Santa Maria Valley strawberry production, visit California Strawberry Commission.

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